the knife fic

They burst through the door in a blur of colour as clothes were discarded and thrown in every direction. Shirts were literally torn apart in an effort to be naked as fast as possible. Jack groaned as Alex ground against him, the friction was intense, as they got some much needed friction. They kissed and ground against each other until they were both panting messes. They could feel how hard the other was and how much they both really needed this. “Sofa now.” Alex commanded. Sucking a possessive bite to Jack’s collarbone. “That’s so sweet my possessive little baby boy, so adorable!” Jack cooed in his most patronising I-Will-Take-Control voice. “Yeah you think that’s sweet daddy!? You got me all wrong I’m a bad boy at heart.” He winked. Jack audible gulped at that, fuck that was hot, he felt his cock twitch. Alex smirked at the effect it had on Jack, a daddy kink interesting. He and wasted no time in sitting down in front of Jack who was all lain out and open for him, he licked his lips at the sight god he looked so hot, he leant in and licked up Jack´s precome. God, the taste…Pure Jack…so warm, bitter, sweet, musky and salty. Alex could drink gallons of this, it was his drug he felt intoxicated… Man he really was a cumslut. “Mmmm, Jack…so delicious… I love how you taste… Gonna suck your cock real good, daddy…” Before Jack could come up with any kind of response, Alex had his cock deep in his throat. He kept swallowing, couldn´t get enough. He pulled back just enough to run his tongue along the prominent vain underneath then sweep his tongue down the slit, before swallowing around him quickly because if he missed a drop of pre-cum he’d bitch because he needed it. He began to hollow his cheeks going up before releasing Jack’s cock with the most obscene wet pop. Jack´s hips were bucking uncontrollably, and Alex let that thick, red, throbbing cock belonging to his gorgeous “daddy”, in his mouth again. He let Jack fuck his mouth and his throat as hard as he wanted to. He could feel spit and precome running down his chin while his right hand was gently groping and pulling Jack´s balls. “Alex…ahhh…I..I…need to…I need..ohhh… You’re fucking good at this, you’re so bad baby… My bad boy… You like sucking your daddy’s cock don’t you? Oooh god my fuuuck little cumslut” . Another salacious pop and Alex started licking Jack´s balls, he sucked one of them in his mouth. Letting his tongue swirl around it and between each lick he panted out his words. He was so worked up and needy, he slipped one hand into his own boxers and started furiously stroking himself, fuck that was good, he really needed release. “Fuck, yes daddy… I’ll be your slut any day… Wouldn’t want to be a bad boy for daddy… ” He cooed using his slutty, sexy, gravely tone that hurtled Jack even closer to orgasm, but in all honestly watching Alex get so worked up by sucking his cock he need to masturbate to relieve some of the burning tension and desire was the hottest sight Jack had ever seen, and he moaned like a fucking whore. But apparently Alex was some sort of sadist as suddenly he dragged at Jack legs leave his ass practically hanging off, the sofa was become a encumbrance, if only it was bottomless or hey had a sex swing, yeah that was a hot idea. He quickly forgot his reverie and regained composure, as Jack gripped violently on to a pillow he groaned and writhed around knowing exactly what Alex was about to do and fuck, he loved it. Alex’s tongue roamed further down his body, sucking at that sensitive piece of skin just behind his balls then wasting no time at all he began to lick at his hole just little teasing kitten licks. As he swirled his tongue around he then suddenly dove it into Jack’s tight heat and began to thrust it in and out creating a steady rhythm. He got a little deeper each time until he knew he’d found his prostate due to two factors one, him having something more to work against as he rubbed his tongue over and over into that sensitive bundle of nerves, and two the amount of profanities that rolled out of Jack’s mouth while he groaned and threw his hips around was unbelievable. “holyfuckingmouthofgodAlexfuckshitmoreAlexgod!” Damn it he was so close, he bit his lip, glancing down at Alex but he was obscured from view, but to be honest he didn’t care because he could feel him everywhere his tongue was working over him like a ball of fire as Alex began to use he hand that was previously holding his hip down to fist his leaking erection and he groaned like a whore, rocking back onto Alex’s tongue trying to use it to fuck himself. This caused Alex to attempt to groan and tell him to stop but all’s it did was spur Jack on to do it at an almost violent pace as the vibrations it sent up his body were phenomenal. “Ooooh fuck ‘Leeeex….I need to cum baby… ” He whined. Alex pulled his tongue out of him replacing it with two fingers as Jack immediately ground back on to them, causing them to collide with his prostate. Alex’s wrist flicked at an odd angle and his thumb roamed around the head. “Oooh fuck, that’s it daddy, fucking cum hard now I need it, please!” He begged. “Oh fucking god ‘lex I’m so close… Ohhh gooood” “On my face now, I fucking want it so bad, I need it, come on daddy for me, cum now, hard, please I need it so bad daddy cum!” He begged he was fucking begging for this shit; that was all Jack need to cum harder than he even had in his life, all over Alex’s needy face, with profanities pouring out of his mouth. As the last of Jack hot cum hit Alex’s face he began to fist his own leaking erection again faster, tighter and harder. “Come here baby let daddy take care of you.” He purred completely blissed out. Without any hesitations Alex pushed Jack further back into the sofa and climbed into his lap with the most intensely crazed lust filled look on his face Jack had ever seen. He began to kiss all over his face, open mouthed sucking motions that were cleaning Alex up, running his tongue all over his face and flicking his cum into his mouth. Alex was grinding so hard into Jack’s leg he knew that Alex would cum just from this. That idea sent a shiver down his spine but he decided Alex deserved a little more so he kissed him biting down on his lip and tugging at it before running his tongue along the mark then delving inside to taste him, licking a strip along the roof of his mouth causing a needy whine to tumble out of Alex’s hungry mouth. He pulled back only to have Alex growl with the loss of sensation. “You like that baby? That’s how I taste next time it’s all yours” he promised. “Fuck yes daddy, so hot, so fuckin’ sweet. Oooh fuck all mine next time daddy, oh oh ohhh all mine.” Jack thrust two fingers urgently into Alex mouth because with Alex grinding how he was if Jack didn’t do something soon he was just going to cum all over his leg, and he had been a good boy so he would give him more, Alex was sooo thankful for these finger because he knew where they’d go and what his “daddy” planned to do with him and he moaned around his fingers. He sucked harder on them running his tongue everywhere, practically giving them a blow job. But Jack pulled his fingers out of Alex’s mouth and without any real warning bluntly pushed two fingers into Alex at the same time his hand replaced Alex’s own on his achingly hard cock, he ground his fingers brutally into Alex’s prostate and his fingers danced over the head of his cock and down the slit and he began to pump him hard. Alex moaned louder and louder, rocking on to jack’s hand fucking himself with those fucking perfect fingers while thrusting himself harder into Jack’s hand. Jack-fucking-Barakat had hands of magic. Alex fisted both hands in Jack’s hair and pulled hard, he just need something to hold on to when the pleasure got this intense. This was the kind of pleasure that almost verged on pain; it was that line just between not enough and too much. “Come on baby boy, so hot, so fucking beautiful, cum for daddy, cum hard for daddy, my little slut so beautiful.” He words rolled of his tongue like honey, and that threw Alex hurtling into his orgasm he could feel it radiate around his body, setting him on fire with burning sensations, while trailing in it’s wake came his release as he shook and thrashed around, cuming hard on to Jack’s hand and stomach. Alex collapsed onto Jack, they both lay around for a while just coming down from their highs, until Jack spoke “Right let’s get you cleaned up then move to the bed because I’m sleepy” he yawned. He promptly got up to find a towel to do a rough clean up job with. “Are you going to move baby?” “No I’m too sleepy I’ll stay here” “No you won’t I’ll carry you over to the bed then, you won’t be comfortable here.” He pointed out, forcefully but with Alex’s best intentions at heart, he then proceeded to scoop him up bridal style and lay him on the bed. “Hmm, thank you baby I love you” Alex slurred sleepily. “I love you too” Jack cooed climbing into bed behind him and spooning him, slowly stroking his cheek until they both feel into a deep slumber. They awake several hours later completely contented and blissed out. Well until Jack really woke up to realise he had a raging hard on, but he didn’t have the heart to wake Alex up he looked adorable just sleeping, Jack’s inner monologue didn’t get it though, how does he manage to look cute sleeping, damn him. So he lay there trying to think of un-sexual things, but with Alex fucking Gaskarth, Cumslut of the century sleeping next to him it was hard to keep his mind clean. He thought hard tried to distract little Jack’s mind from getting to over active, right time to think clean thoughts, dead dogs, suffering, electrical equipment, shoes, trees, food… Alex covered in food, Alex covered in chocolate sauce or cream, oh god he could lick it all off him, just tasting and teasing. He could tie him down leave him completely vulnerable and at Jack’s mercy, yeah. At this point Jack couldn’t help himself his mind wandered off… Luckily for him it seemed like he wouldn’t have to just dream this one, Alex began to stir and wake beside him. It was his lucky day, right now to find out where he hid his handcuffs before Alex woke up, he scanned his brain for the location but came up blank. Damn him, why was he so disorganised, he cooed in his ear some reassuring words that would hopefully buy him some time “Shh baby it’s ok I’m here, no need to rush just wake up slowly baby it’s fine.” He carefully crawled out of bed, trying not to make the change in weight to noticeable. Now began his search. He randomly rummaged through every draw, until it clicked he’d hidden it and where was one place he knew Alex wouldn’t look the airing cupboard, this had been of massive advantage to Jack since the time they found a spider’s nest in there and Alex was too afraid to go back in. It was kind of adorable and funny but it had been so convenient having a place to hide all his secret things. He padded softly down to the cupboard, and it was overflowing with junk, this could take a while. Once he’d got through the guitars and general music crap that disguised his sex cupboard, he found his favourite draw, which contained toys to carry out all his kinks, this draw contained all his dirty little secrets. BINGO he found his cuffs, now he had a tough decision; this was a monumental contemplation… Plain metal or black and fluffy? He decided on fluffy ones as they looked less industrial, they’d still hurt a bit, but they gave the illusion of looking, sweet and sexy. He stuffed all the junk back into the cupboard and softly made his way back to an awake yet sleep hazed adorable Alex. “Morning baby I’ve got a surprise for you.” He smirked and Alex babbled something unintelligible back, so Jack carefully slipped the cuffs on mostly unnoticed and went to sit in the egg chair in the corner of the room just waiting for Alex to come back to Earth as he slipped back into the realms of sleep until his inevitable realisation he was cuffed. This would either go very well or appallingly, he sat in tension. About twenty minutes later Jack heard the screaming “Jack fucking get up here and untie me NOW!” Alex screamed completely vulnerable. “No need to shout I was only in the bathroom,” Jack stated, completely normal, well as normal as he could given he had just hand cuffed his boyfriend to the bed. “Erm.. are you sure you want untying Alex looks like you’re enjoying it to me” Jack smirked. “Shut the fuck up, I had a sex dream, so just untie me now so we can have hot, sweaty needy sex, ok!?” He said while pulling at his restraints. “Yeah well so did I and it looks like my dream came true so how about we play a little, while you’re otherwise incapacitated because you look fucking hot like that and face it you’re my slut and I want you now, like this. Although there is something else I want to try too…” He tailed off as he held up his newest “toy” and acquired kink, he’d actually picked this one up from Alex who thought it was hot and once mentioned it to him. Alex cock twitched as the light glinted of the “toy”, and he moaned. Jack placed it on the bed side cabinet for now and slowly climbed on top of Alex, sitting on his stomach just above his cock so Alex couldn’t grind into him. “You’re going to cum so hard baby.” Alex whimpered “yes daddy please I need it. Have I ever told you daddy how much it turns me on when you play with knifes?” He smirked looking at him knife on the table with a wanton lust filled expression. Jack looked down at him and bit down hard his lower lip as he caught a glimpse of Alex’s smouldering gaze. “Does it, now?” he asked, picking the knife back up running the blade between each finger in turn. Alex’s eyes dropped to his hands, watching every move of Jack’s fingers intently. Jack grinned wildly at the reaction this was having on Alex, just watching him run a blade up and down his finger to reward him he ground back into Alex’s cock so he was now sitting directly on top of him. Alex’s hands tried desperately to grab at Jack or anything, but he let out a frustrated sigh and rolled his hips up rhythmically into him, making quite little noises. Jack held the knife to Alex’s chest, pressing the flat of the blade to his body and Alex arched into it, moaning the whole time. “I just love the way you handle them daddy.” Alex muttered, slightly breathlessly. Alex thrust his hips up into Jack’s with a bit more force, but then Jack started to close the same between them, pushing Alex further down onto the bed. He pressed the flat of the blade along each of Alex’s wrists where the cuffs were, tilting it and running the edge of the blade down his vain, Alex shuddered. Jack then pressed the tip of the knife to his throat. Alex’s eyes, still clouded with lust, widened, he lay motionless as he pressed the knife in a little harder. Alex made a small noise attempting to protest and shifted around beneath him. “Shh baby… You wanted this, let daddy give you what you want.” Jack released some of the pressure on the on the knife and started to trail the blade down Alex’s body. He watched as a small trail of deep red blood followed in the wake of the blade. Jack traced his fingers over Alex’s skin alongside the knife before leaning down and licking along the cut, lapping up all the blood and moaning as the metallic taste of bloody lingered on his tongue. Alex cried out “Daddy more now please daddy I need it!” Thrashing around as he ground into Jack with all the force he could muster trying to release some of the burning tension in his groin. Jack trailed the knife further down his stomach, down along his thighs and back up again teasingly. “How about if I stretched you with this knife? Would you like that, baby? Tease you with the knife then fuck you…” Jack settled back on his heels, holding the knife steady. “Ooooh fuck, daddy yes, I need it now, do it” Alex pleaded, voice wavering with panic but overwhelmed with lust. “Oh no, it’s not that simple. You have to show me how much you want it.” Jack pulled the knife back and started to run it all over Alex pressing it down every now and then, it just the right places. Alex whined and thrashed around, grinding up into Jack, “Do you feel that daddy, I’m so hard for you, I need it daddy, please… Now… I need it… Now… Daddy.” He pleaded, his pupils were huge, turning his eyes black and he chewed on his lip. Jack lubed up one finger and teasingly circled it around Alex’s hole, then slowly pushed in. Alex instantly ground back on his fingers, while the blade casually roamed up and down his thighs. “More” he whined, shaking with anticipation, and pulling at his restraints but to no avail he just ended up causing the fluff covered metal to dig further into his skin, burning but burning so good that he did it again. Jack removed his finger, Alex keened but abruptly stopped when he could see Jack lubing up the handle, his eyes traced the movements as Jack smirked and slowly ran his hand up the knife and back down circling the end of the handle. Alex gulped audibly knuckles turning white as he griped at his restraints. Jack pulled back, pushed Alex’s legs further open and sat between them, circling the knife slowly around his entrance then slowly pushed it into Alex, he watched himself envelope the handle and groaned eyes rolling into the back of his head. Jack watched him, himself open. Alex moaned and bent his knees, pushing himself further onto the handle, driving it deeper. “You like that daddy, like watching me fuck myself onto the knife?” Alex smirked but didn’t have time to relish in the moment as he gasped as Jack pushed the knife in further, hitting Alex prostate, making him almost choke on his tongue. Jack continued to fuck him with his Bowie knife, hitting his prostate every time leaving Alex a mess. “Oh yeah baby it’s so fucking hot, I fucking want you so bad.” Jack groaned as he began to grind into Alex’s thigh creating a slow rhythm, he just needed some relief his cock was aching and leaking just watching Alex. “Come on, daddy. Just fucking do it already. Fuck me now please” He pleaded, god he needed Jack in him. “Hush up slut. I’m in charge.” He winked, continuing to grinding the knife filthydirty slow into Alex’s prostate. Smack. Jack’s hand came down hard onto the inside of Alex’s thigh, “You’re mine baby, I’ll fuck you when I want to.” Smack. His hand came down again on the opposite thigh, leaving a red mark. “That’s not enough to show you’re mine is it?” He asked leaning down and biting into the tender flesh of Alex’s inner thigh, he bit down hard not enough to break the skin but enough to bruise, as he swiped his finger along the mark. “Fuck baby you look so good, do you have any idea what you do to me?” “Nugh… Oooh… Please I need you now… Daddy… I can’t… I” Alex cut himself off to moan as once again the handle hit his prostate brutally he, glanced down at his own cock, that was no leaking pre-cum profusely. Jack glanced down and licked his lips, shit Alex looked hot. He slowly lent down, slightly easing the pace and like a stripe up Alex’s cock circling his tongue and down his slit before taking the head into his mouth and sucking it, humming and moaning at the taste. Alex’s hip spasmed wildly as he groaned louder with each suck and tugged harshly at his cuffs, he desperately wanted his hands in that mess of Black hair to push him further down. But Jack had already hit sadistic sex freak mode and while still thrusting the knife in and out, slowly started to lick around his hole. Alex gasped and shoot up off the bed as much as his restraints would let him, a wave of pure ecstasy rolling off him, he moaned like he was being fucking paid. Jack continued to lick at him, and then slid his tongue slowly down the blade. Looking up though hooded eyes at the boy lain writhing beneath him. “Ooooh fuuuck Jack, daddy… more, I need you now!” “Shh baby I’ll give you what you want, since you’ve been such a good boy.” The sweetness contrasting with the heat and gravely panting. Without a word of warning Jack pulled the knife out throwing it across the room leaving Alex empty and clenching down around nothing. Jack hitched both Alex’s legs around his waist and pushed into him, straight in till their hips met, leaving Alex no time to adjust from the knife to Jack’s substantially thicker cock. Not that he cared he began to rock his hips immediately craving the pleasure. Gripping his cuffs like it was the only think keeping him grounded, as Jack’s hands came up to wrap momentarily around them tugging them harder, eliciting a whimper from Alex “daddy ooohh.” Before gripping on to his hips bruising tender flesh. He leant down licking the shell of his ear before whispering, “Do you want more baby?” He nibbled his ear lobe and his tongue began to trace circles into the soft patch of skin behind his ear, sucking on it and grazing his teeth. He smirked against his skin knowing Alex couldn’t form a coherent answer as that little patch of skin was his spot; it had him twitching and rocking back faster onto Jack begging wordlessly for more. He moved along his neck kissing and biting, then licking a stripe up his neck. “Daddy fuck… ohh ohh ohh, yes” He left his mouth hanging open groaning and whimpering as Jack abused his prostate further. Jack loved that look it was pure lust and fuck, just knowing he was the one doing it almost made him cum right then and there. “Daddy, please… I need… Ohhh oh… Please…. Fuuuck, touch me.” His voice wavered, as with each thrust Jack hit his prostate dead on. He could feel his orgasm building up from his toes consuming his whole body with want and need, fuck he wanted something to hold on to, the pleasure was to intense and his hand felt empty, but he wouldn’t change it for the world. This right now, was all he cared about him and Jack. He complied with Alex’s wish, grabbing his cock and stroking him furiously, all’s it took was a few tugs before Alex was coming undone hard. “I’m gonna….. Oh fuck daddddy!” He screamed tightened around Jack pushing him over the edge as well, cuming inside him with a line of oh’s fuck’s and Alex’s; Alex could feel it hitting his walls and every time it felt so filthydirty but so prefect. Jack collapsed on him until they both regain their breath and their heart beats fell back into sync at a normal pace. He reached up and lazily undid Alex’s cuffs, “OW, that’s stings like a bitch.” He whinnied pulling his saddest puppy dog face. “Yeah but it’s the price you pay for the best orgasm of your life!” he said nuzzling Alex with a cheeky grin, rolling off him but dragging the sedated ball of sleep Alex had become on top of him to sleep. “I s’pose you’re right, night night baby, I love you.” He yawned in a most endearing fashion. “You’re tired again?” He chuckled, stroking his cheek. “Yeah I didn’t get much sleep and having “the best orgasm of your life” really takes it out of you” He teased snuggling further into Jacks comforting embrace. “Ok then baby you have a few hours. I love you, sleep well” He whispered petting Alex’s hair in a soothing manor.

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